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WHITE BOARD- Mobile Whiteboard
Mobile Whiteboard

Mobile Double Sided Whiteboard

* Magnetic Surface
* Concealed Mounting
* Anodised Aluminium Frame
* Pen-tray & Fitting Kit Included
* Lightweight
* Robust Construction

 Item No. Specification Ctn Size of Board Ctn Size of Easel Height
 MB001    90x60cm 91.5x61.5x2.8cm 170x11x11cm 142cm
 MB002  100x68cm 101.5x69.5x2.8cm 180x11x11cm 145cm
 MB003  120x75cm 121.5x76.5x2.8cm 190x11x11cm 153cm
 MB004  120x90cm 121.5x91.5x2.8cm 190x11x11cm 159cm
 MB005  145x85cm 146.5x86.5x2.8cm 220x11x11cm 158cm
 MB006  150x90cm 151.5x91.5x2.8cm 230x11x11cm 168cm
 MB007  180x100cm 181.5x101.5x2.8cm 260x11x11cm 175cm
 MB008  200x100cm 201.5x101.5x2.8cm 280x11x11cm 185cm
 MB009  240x120cm 241.5x121.5x2.8cm 320x11x11cm 195cm

Remark: Other sizes of boards are available on request.